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We are back

I’ve missed you all. I’ve been busy sorting out a number of things and really focussing on core values of what this offering will stand for and attending a number of Agile Meetups and my favourite Agile Australia. I have met so many awesome people and made so many new contacts that I can tell will be with me on this exciting journey for a long time.

I’ve learnt there is so much my computer and the “interwebs” can do for me. What it can’t do is be #everyoneneedsarob For those who have met me in the flesh I’m excitable, a visionary and have many ideas to offer.

Stay tuned to hear from my adventures and join me on the journey. If you are in, drop me a personal email I’ll put up a list soon, but for now, I’d love to hear from you.





7 Qualities of a Digital Storyteller

With everything being digital these days, print is becoming less and less the focus. To be a digital storyteller there are many things that you can master to really add texture to the stories that you tell. Here are the key seven qualities that I see as being part of the success of a Digital Storyteller.

  1. Sharp – with so many different options and distractions to get your share of the eyeballs it’s important to be sharp;
  2. Focused – create messages that are focused on your target market and that special individuality that you deliver;
  3. Funny – you need a sense of humour to engage the crowd. Humour can still be professional and adds warmth to your message;
  4. Intimate – my favourite one for this category is from Intense Cycles. The story is amazing and this captures that intimacy that only digital can deliver. The other thing that Intense do well are their videos as well and Jeff Steber seems like a very interesting kind of guy to be around.
  5. Consistent – It is important to be consistent across all of the digital media that you use. From Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and your website it’s important that your story is consistent and leaves a real good feel for hat to expect from your brand.
  6. Music – it just adds a little more element to it and can engage your audience longer too:
  7. Authenticity -be real, be you, it’s all that matters. If you can’t be the same person offline, then the digital person doesn’t count!

So Rob likes to take photos,ride his bike, catch up with family and friends and enjoy life. You can find him on instagram @therealwortho (it seems Donald Trump followed me there!) Twitter @robworthington and if you want to drop me a line and talk digital story telling is a good way to spark up a chat!


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The amazing power of perseverance

Have you ever stopped to think of why you keep doing something? That’s what I call the amazing power of perseverance. Just when you think something has nothing more to give you keep pushing that little bit harder and reach the end goal, perseverance.

I took up triathlon with the goal in mind of actually setting a goal that seemed unnatainable so the when I reached it I could prove to myself that anything is possible. As I sit here and write this I have completed three races and with the season upon me I have a shoulder injury that keeps telling me no to the next race.

One of my strongest characteristics is to persevere until I get a positive result.Every now and then it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it and that’s when it’s time to rely on your resilience. There has been rides I have taken where I felt like throwing it all away. I once had a wise friend tell me that the mind gives up before the body does. Each time I feel that there is no more left in the tank that thought pops into my head and I get a session finished, or in some cases start! Once you start you quickly realise why you did and enjoy it and often punch out a personal best.

Races or training sessions that are successful are the result of perseverance and his close relative  passion and determination. Conversations that are successful are often the result of perseverance. Negotiations that are successful are the result of perseverance. It is perseverance that earns championships, wins games, gets success, takes you to the next level – pushes the boundaries and delivers innovations to the world. It’s that ability to never give up and the spirit to succeed that gives people from all walks of life the power to achieve. We all can achieve even the greatest things, if only we start to try.

Once you start and get the momentum the results you can achieve are amazing. Just remember that Henry Ford was made bankrupt five times before his successful motoring empire was created. There are some other great stories in this article.

It’s important to remember to never let your age be a deterrent either. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and never lost sight of what he believed and when he was released, chased his dreams and eventually became President of South Africa. He is a constant reminder to me that with focussed passion and perseverance anything is possible and is someone that I clearly admire for what he achieved through his own personal struggles.

So when I think to myself about my should, it’s really a minor obstacle to my triathlon dream and all the other things that I want to achieve in life. It’s time to focus my passion and persevere to deliver a strong vision and start making a difference in little bite sized chunks that will eventually deliver a massive pool of results.


The maker determines . . .

As someone who has filled my career with varied experience and run my own business I have become a firm believer that no matter where you are you “make your own luck.” It’s more than just working hard, it’s working hard with the end goal in mind.

The end goal is the whole game, it’s the full lap, it’s complete race distance. I often tell my daughter to put together a full lap. She tells me it’s a bad thing to say but given we love watching Jamie and Craig put together some good races I think it makes sense. You don’t start a race without considering how it will all end and if you cnt string a full lap together you can’t win the race.

This doesn’t happen through just turning up. As much as the cliche is it’s not just the destination but the journey. You need to string it all together and search for your own opportunity and make your own luck along the way. People don’t hand out opportunity, they may create them , but you must be ready to receive them.

My strongest success has come from when I have been in control of my own destiny and needed to succeed to make the next pay cheque. The way forward is from collecting the wins. Wins are won from hard work and determination and pure tenacity. Getting out there and as my old mate Paul Butler would say, having a dig.mif there was one thing Mr Butler would do was have a good old honest dig and give it a go. Wow, some of his stories where amazing and that man wasn’t afraid to ask for the story or the sale.

I admire people that get out there and follow their dreams. Take the hard turns, make the rough decisions and just have a good old honest crack. Some of us take the safe road, while others, like solid entrepreneurs, take the risks that bring them the wins eventually.

My favourite entrepreneur right now is Elon Musk. He has managed to change things like payments, transportation (space and regular cars) and now is aiming at making homes go off the grid. The Tesla Power Wall is a revolution in how we can power our homes and our everyday lives.

This is how the make determines the next move. Elon and Tesla are all about making your own luck and moving forward through revolution and having an idea and taking a journey. Putting together a full lap and a full race and going for victory. I’ve had many ideas myself and never put them together to complete the full race. I’ve never made my own luck the way I should have. That is up until now! Stay tuned the game change today.

Discipline is

Recently I let discipline slip in my exercise regime. This was after a serious accident layer me up for a month. I now realise that was a mistake and it’s time to bring that level of discipline back into my life, in all elements and help others do the same. When I had that steel eyed determination and discipline I could and did achieve things that I thought I could never do and I did them well.

Those days are due to come back to me. I find discipline comes a close friend to sacrifice. Sacrifices lead to success and a feeling of success brings more success. Hard work delivers results. It’s important to revisit the basics, build a solid foundation and focus on doing the basics well.

On days when you don’t feel like a run, get out and run. When you feel like skipping the gym, go. If it’s windy just get out there and train. “Excuses are the enemy of results.”

Discipline is the key to success and that is a door I will be opening again.

Life is about . . .

Today I spent my day with family. My wife, my children ,my in laws the environment. It was a great day. A day to reflect and enjoy yourself, be mindful with those around you and just be. I call it agility. It leads me to what I’ve always said Business Agility is about.

To me it’s about your business, your family, your friends, your everything. It’s about being able to adapt to anything and still be successful and enjoy what you do and be healthy and awesome in all that you do.

Now that I love fitness and nutrition and understand the affect it has on my day to day I share it with you all and hope that you all bring it into your daily activities. To me Business Agility is about making the time everyday to make sure that business, family and exercise all form a natural part of your everyday. It’s just what you do. In fact since I’ve started to undertake triathlons the biggest thing I’ve started to realise is that it’s mental, training and nutrition that gets me further and its that same discipline in your everyday that makes you successful.

So keep the discipline in your day in what you do and your personal life, your professional life and your business will be a success.

When is enough,enough?

In this world of digital everything I keep thinking to myself I’ve collected more paper than I really need to have for “that book” I’ve been talking about writing forever (well 10 years). So I make a concious effort everyday to not hit the print button and read of the screen.

The thing I keep finding hard is that paper still gives me a feeling like nothing else. I can scrawl my notes all over it, through it in my bag or even my back pocket when I ride home on my bike. It has an element of fun to it that technology just hasn’t quite captured yet. 

There are disadvantages of course. It gets lost easy, torn up and can’t reach the other side of the globe in a nanosecond. There’s the dreaded paper cut too. In saying that though the crack on the base of the screen of my iPad is quite more annoying!

I’m not going to lie to you though, my system will remain using both. One thing I will be doing is less paper, more digital. I’ve got to clear up a pile of stuff and organise my notes into a logical sequence so that next year there will be a book out by Christmas. You are going to love the title and the topic. Keep following to find out more.

Day One of the new blogging challenge

So her begins day one of my new blogging challenge. Why do I want to blog you may ask? My biggest passion in life is to help others and I figure I can do this best through storytelling and sharing information that I come across. It is the sharing economy after all and I aim to share something new and exciting with you everyday for 30 days. For now it’s about a favourite person of mine right now.

One of the people I most enjoy listening to is Lewis Howes and he is from The School of Greatness Podcast. You should do yourself a favour and subscribe to him, the guys magic with words! He’s also just released a book with the same title here. Do yourself a favour and jump on and buy a copy now! You won’t regret it and for one lucky reader I’ll send you a copy of my preordered set!

If only I could be half a Lewis Howes I would be awesome to say the least. For now I’ll keep working on being the best version of Rob Worthington that I can be! Over the next 30 days you’ll see and read more about me and the journey I’m about to trek on!

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