When Apple released the iPod it changed the game for who we listened to music. Then of course came the iPhone and changed the way we used our phone. Now comes (or is expected to come) the Apple Tablet.

The Apple Tablet is expected to change the way we read newspapers, books and magazines. It is seen as a savior to the publishing industry, but at the same time it would require a new business model. Just take a second to imagine how cool it would be to read a newspaper on a 13.3″ digital screen? I know it sounds weird but imaginine what holidays would be like. You really could take one piece of carry on hand luggage yet still bring ten magazines, ten books that you would like to read, but probably won’t even look at one!

The Apple Tablet will also be an environmental genius saving us lugging all that weight across the globe. Then again you may never need to buy as many “real” books and magazines, saving on all that weight being transported around the world.

It’s important to keep in mind, the iPhone really created a tool that went across generations and was a key enabler of business on the run. Now with the likelihood of Apple offering us a tablet, business has just got bigger.

Imagine the thought of your laptop now being a device that you can receive everything on at anytime,anywhere. Business really will be able to be done by the pool, without anyone needing to know. That is of course unless Apple has now included the ability to video conference in it’s device, something the iPhone lacked. All we will need (here in Australia at least) is access to a ubiquitous, always on broadband service.

Apple will create new markets, researchers will now have everything on the one device. Their research articles, access to Google and all this while they are out in the field. Everything we will be able to happen quicker and in style.

I am keen to keep my eyes on the iTablet and see how it changes traditional business models and turns them on their heads by making another piece of technology convenient and fun to use, but still a mean piece of business kit.