So her begins day one of my new blogging challenge. Why do I want to blog you may ask? My biggest passion in life is to help others and I figure I can do this best through storytelling and sharing information that I come across. It is the sharing economy after all and I aim to share something new and exciting with you everyday for 30 days. For now it’s about a favourite person of mine right now.

One of the people I most enjoy listening to is Lewis Howes and he is from The School of Greatness Podcast. You should do yourself a favour and subscribe to him, the guys magic with words! He’s also just released a book with the same title here. Do yourself a favour and jump on and buy a copy now! You won’t regret it and for one lucky reader I’ll send you a copy of my preordered set!

If only I could be half a Lewis Howes I would be awesome to say the least. For now I’ll keep working on being the best version of Rob Worthington that I can be! Over the next 30 days you’ll see and read more about me and the journey I’m about to trek on!