In this world of digital everything I keep thinking to myself I’ve collected more paper than I really need to have for “that book” I’ve been talking about writing forever (well 10 years). So I make a concious effort everyday to not hit the print button and read of the screen.

The thing I keep finding hard is that paper still gives me a feeling like nothing else. I can scrawl my notes all over it, through it in my bag or even my back pocket when I ride home on my bike. It has an element of fun to it that technology just hasn’t quite captured yet. 

There are disadvantages of course. It gets lost easy, torn up and can’t reach the other side of the globe in a nanosecond. There’s the dreaded paper cut too. In saying that though the crack on the base of the screen of my iPad is quite more annoying!

I’m not going to lie to you though, my system will remain using both. One thing I will be doing is less paper, more digital. I’ve got to clear up a pile of stuff and organise my notes into a logical sequence so that next year there will be a book out by Christmas. You are going to love the title and the topic. Keep following to find out more.