Today I spent my day with family. My wife, my children ,my in laws the environment. It was a great day. A day to reflect and enjoy yourself, be mindful with those around you and just be. I call it agility. It leads me to what I’ve always said Business Agility is about.

To me it’s about your business, your family, your friends, your everything. It’s about being able to adapt to anything and still be successful and enjoy what you do and be healthy and awesome in all that you do.

Now that I love fitness and nutrition and understand the affect it has on my day to day I share it with you all and hope that you all bring it into your daily activities. To me Business Agility is about making the time everyday to make sure that business, family and exercise all form a natural part of your everyday. It’s just what you do. In fact since I’ve started to undertake triathlons the biggest thing I’ve started to realise is that it’s mental, training and nutrition that gets me further and its that same discipline in your everyday that makes you successful.

So keep the discipline in your day in what you do and your personal life, your professional life and your business will be a success.