Recently I let discipline slip in my exercise regime. This was after a serious accident layer me up for a month. I now realise that was a mistake and it’s time to bring that level of discipline back into my life, in all elements and help others do the same. When I had that steel eyed determination and discipline I could and did achieve things that I thought I could never do and I did them well.

Those days are due to come back to me. I find discipline comes a close friend to sacrifice. Sacrifices lead to success and a feeling of success brings more success. Hard work delivers results. It’s important to revisit the basics, build a solid foundation and focus on doing the basics well.

On days when you don’t feel like a run, get out and run. When you feel like skipping the gym, go. If it’s windy just get out there and train. “Excuses are the enemy of results.”

Discipline is the key to success and that is a door I will be opening again.