As someone who has filled my career with varied experience and run my own business I have become a firm believer that no matter where you are you “make your own luck.” It’s more than just working hard, it’s working hard with the end goal in mind.

The end goal is the whole game, it’s the full lap, it’s complete race distance. I often tell my daughter to put together a full lap. She tells me it’s a bad thing to say but given we love watching Jamie and Craig put together some good races I think it makes sense. You don’t start a race without considering how it will all end and if you cnt string a full lap together you can’t win the race.

This doesn’t happen through just turning up. As much as the cliche is it’s not just the destination but the journey. You need to string it all together and search for your own opportunity and make your own luck along the way. People don’t hand out opportunity, they may create them , but you must be ready to receive them.

My strongest success has come from when I have been in control of my own destiny and needed to succeed to make the next pay cheque. The way forward is from collecting the wins. Wins are won from hard work and determination and pure tenacity. Getting out there and as my old mate Paul Butler would say, having a dig.mif there was one thing Mr Butler would do was have a good old honest dig and give it a go. Wow, some of his stories where amazing and that man wasn’t afraid to ask for the story or the sale.

I admire people that get out there and follow their dreams. Take the hard turns, make the rough decisions and just have a good old honest crack. Some of us take the safe road, while others, like solid entrepreneurs, take the risks that bring them the wins eventually.

My favourite entrepreneur right now is Elon Musk. He has managed to change things like payments, transportation (space and regular cars) and now is aiming at making homes go off the grid. The Tesla Power Wall is a revolution in how we can power our homes and our everyday lives.

This is how the make determines the next move. Elon and Tesla are all about making your own luck and moving forward through revolution and having an idea and taking a journey. Putting together a full lap and a full race and going for victory. I’ve had many ideas myself and never put them together to complete the full race. I’ve never made my own luck the way I should have. That is up until now! Stay tuned the game change today.