Have you ever stopped to think of why you keep doing something? That’s what I call the amazing power of perseverance. Just when you think something has nothing more to give you keep pushing that little bit harder and reach the end goal, perseverance.

I took up triathlon with the goal in mind of actually setting a goal that seemed unnatainable so the when I reached it I could prove to myself that anything is possible. As I sit here and write this I have completed three races and with the season upon me I have a shoulder injury that keeps telling me no to the next race.

One of my strongest characteristics is to persevere until I get a positive result.Every now and then it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it and that’s when it’s time to rely on your resilience. There has been rides I have taken where I felt like throwing it all away. I once had a wise friend tell me that the mind gives up before the body does. Each time I feel that there is no more left in the tank that thought pops into my head and I get a session finished, or in some cases start! Once you start you quickly realise why you did and enjoy it and often punch out a personal best.

Races or training sessions that are successful are the result of perseverance and his close relative  passion and determination. Conversations that are successful are often the result of perseverance. Negotiations that are successful are the result of perseverance. It is perseverance that earns championships, wins games, gets success, takes you to the next level – pushes the boundaries and delivers innovations to the world. It’s that ability to never give up and the spirit to succeed that gives people from all walks of life the power to achieve. We all can achieve even the greatest things, if only we start to try.

Once you start and get the momentum the results you can achieve are amazing. Just remember that Henry Ford was made bankrupt five times before his successful motoring empire was created. There are some other great stories in this article.

It’s important to remember to never let your age be a deterrent either. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and never lost sight of what he believed and when he was released, chased his dreams and eventually became President of South Africa. He is a constant reminder to me that with focussed passion and perseverance anything is possible and is someone that I clearly admire for what he achieved through his own personal struggles.

So when I think to myself about my should, it’s really a minor obstacle to my triathlon dream and all the other things that I want to achieve in life. It’s time to focus my passion and persevere to deliver a strong vision and start making a difference in little bite sized chunks that will eventually deliver a massive pool of results.