With everything being digital these days, print is becoming less and less the focus. To be a digital storyteller there are many things that you can master to really add texture to the stories that you tell. Here are the key seven qualities that I see as being part of the success of a Digital Storyteller.

  1. Sharp – with so many different options and distractions to get your share of the eyeballs it’s important to be sharp;
  2. Focused – create messages that are focused on your target market and that special individuality that you deliver;
  3. Funny – you need a sense of humour to engage the crowd. Humour can still be professional and adds warmth to your message;
  4. Intimate – my favourite one for this category is from Intense Cycles. The story is amazing and this captures that intimacy that only digital can deliver. The other thing that Intense do well are their videos as well and Jeff Steber seems like a very interesting kind of guy to be around.
  5. Consistent – It is important to be consistent across all of the digital media that you use. From Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and your website it’s important that your story is consistent and leaves a real good feel for hat to expect from your brand.
  6. Music – it just adds a little more element to it and can engage your audience longer too:
  7. Authenticity -be real, be you, it’s all that matters. If you can’t be the same person offline, then the digital person doesn’t count!

So Rob likes to take photos,ride his bike, catch up with family and friends and enjoy life. You can find him on instagram @therealwortho (it seems Donald Trump followed me there!) Twitter @robworthington and if you want to drop me a line and talk digital story telling robert@businessagility.com.au is a good way to spark up a chat!