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My tribute to Scott Dinsmore

Back in October 2012 I came across How to Find & Do Work You Love Between then and now I have listened to it so many times and read so much of Scott’s blog that I can’t imagine why I haven’t started to do as Scott Dinsmore says and “Live your Legend.” It’s not Scott, it’s me!


Pic Credit ( Thanks Jonathan, I loved it so much I Couldn’t help but share it.

My answer is there has been a block, be that me or the fact that I focus on my day to day and continue to make sure I am adding value in everything that I do. I do this through others and in my love of providing helpful service to others. Maybe I haven’t shared this stuff with the right people. You know the people you share information with and then 3 hours later you on’t know where the time went because you got so excited talking about similar things and you walked away with an emphatic glow that kept you awake for hours?

I have so many different ideas on a daily basis and some ideas are wildly whack to damn right ridiculous. I’ve spent the last few years transforming my health and lost about 30 kgs, at the same time my energy has been tied up with ensuring that my physical pursuits where attended to. It’s now time to ensure that my mind is also being exercised in the same ways and to do this it is essential for me to start opening up my networks and once again going across subject areas and just sparking a conversation with interesting people. People in public that are strangers but have an interesting story. I recently had a conversation with someone who had just retired and was about to head off to their Tuscan villa. Wow, that was one of those conversations where you just get energy through knowing that they are about to step out into an amazing adventure and one that will further enrich their life and the life of many others.

One of my favourite interviews with Scott is from another favourite Podcaster of mine Jonathan Fields. In this interview Jonathan runs a natural chat with Scott and the two had become very good friends. I was reminded of this interview in an emotional podcast that arrived on my phone earlier this week and the interview is here I think that already today I have listened to it three times. It just reminds me how lucky I was to have Scott walk into my life and reminded me how I wanted to meet him and never had the opportunity to. He was working his way around the world and on his way to Australia. However, whilst in Tanzania and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro he was killed in a tragic accident. He was only 33 and had so much more to give. His legend will live on.

For me now more than ever it’s important that in my spare time I no longer waste it and in all that I learn and do along the way I really live one of my favourite quotes from Scott.

“As nice as it is to be inspired by the things that you read or hear, it means nothing if action follows.” Scott Dinsmore

From this day forward my focus will be on ACTION. For too long action has been the block that has stopped me. I have done all the talking and all the thinking, some action, perhaps not enough. Now more than ever it’s time to get this life into high gear and deliver more value to more people than ever before. It’s about courage and confidence and getting my story out there to more people, everyday in every corner of the globe.

My advice to you is to check out that video above and read over Scott’s material. He may be gone, but for someone that was all about “Live your legend” he has certainly left a fantastic legacy (and a fantastic smile). I’m sure the community can still continue with him. The way he created it was phenomenal and it was all based around authentic connection and really living your life purpose. Something we all dream of doing. I also think being authentic is something that not too many people do and it’s something we should all aim to do. Stop being afraid of the real you and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Open up to people and allow the world to see more of you. The REAL you. We don’t do enough real stuff and for me, Scott’s death has reminded me even more to be more real and make sure I leave a phenomenal legacy like he has. I want my kids to be able to talk about me with a glow in their town and be really proud of telling people I was their dad.

Thank you Scott for all the awesome information and events that you shared with the world. Most of all thanks for the authentic connection that you made (I almost felt like we had met). Now it’s up to me to take action and that starts from today.  At least once a week I will be blogging and sharing my stories, the information that I collect along the way and sharing the authentic side of me. Something I haven’t been doing too much online lately. The best way to share more of me is to jump on here at least once a week and share a story or two that those who se me daily get to see. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. I am going to develop one hell of a community and start developing some really useful products to help make your life easier and to start really sharing my authentic self without restriction and as much passion and enthusiasm as I put into everyone of my professional conversations and what I do in my daily career.

Here with you


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In all my years marketing my favourite (and most successful) form of marketing has been word of mouth. Or as I like to call it “just be yourself”. Authenticity is the best form of marketing as long as you and your service is great.

When you are th…

When you are through changing, you are through. ~Bruce Barton

Great to see Canberra getting play for it’s creative entrepreneurs. This I like lots!

The Canberran

Friday 12 October saw the opening night of Milkbar – Renee Duoros’ Kingston version of ‘The Factory’. Built in the old Kingston Menswear store in Green Square, it’s hard to believe this space was bedecked with ties and shirts only two ago

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Stay Tuned . . .we’re coming back

After a long time out in the cold we’ll be back soon with a new range of products focussing on digital options that will serve three key purposes.

  1. Reduce your costs
  2. Look after the environment
  3. Easily distribute,globally.

So keep your eyes peeled and we’ll be happy to help.

Declutter your business

Here’s the thing. I have just attended Dale Beaumont’s Cash Injection Conference and have returned to the office fully enlightened. He has assembled a bunch of some of the greatest thinkers in Australian business at the moment.

So my passion has always been to develop Business Agility into a business lifestyle program and include information on how you market you business, how you stay fit to ensure your business is fit, how you enjoy yourself have fun and create a real lifestyle that has you constantly perked up and driven to success and striving for massive goals, but at the same time maintaining a happy family life.

So over the next three months Business Agility will be developing a range of topics, a new website and providing you with some of the latest information on what you need to declutter your business, which ultimatley gives you the time to develop some great business strategies, ideas and this all leads to fantastic business opportunities.

So stay tuned. We will be adding a email newsletter soon. For now if you want to join drop your details to and I will personally subscribe you and introduce myself.

Here’s to awesome business relationships, through well developed, thoughtful conversations.

How To Accept Credit Card Payments Using Your iPhone

Now this one is cool. One of the guys who bought us Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is on an adventure with his new startup Square Check out more here

With the simple addition of a swiper device your iPhone or mobile phone can give you the ability to access credit card payments much easier than ever before.

Here Comes The Apple Tablet- Can It Fix an Industry?

When Apple released the iPod it changed the game for who we listened to music. Then of course came the iPhone and changed the way we used our phone. Now comes (or is expected to come) the Apple Tablet.

The Apple Tablet is expected to change the way we read newspapers, books and magazines. It is seen as a savior to the publishing industry, but at the same time it would require a new business model. Just take a second to imagine how cool it would be to read a newspaper on a 13.3″ digital screen? I know it sounds weird but imaginine what holidays would be like. You really could take one piece of carry on hand luggage yet still bring ten magazines, ten books that you would like to read, but probably won’t even look at one!

The Apple Tablet will also be an environmental genius saving us lugging all that weight across the globe. Then again you may never need to buy as many “real” books and magazines, saving on all that weight being transported around the world.

It’s important to keep in mind, the iPhone really created a tool that went across generations and was a key enabler of business on the run. Now with the likelihood of Apple offering us a tablet, business has just got bigger.

Imagine the thought of your laptop now being a device that you can receive everything on at anytime,anywhere. Business really will be able to be done by the pool, without anyone needing to know. That is of course unless Apple has now included the ability to video conference in it’s device, something the iPhone lacked. All we will need (here in Australia at least) is access to a ubiquitous, always on broadband service.

Apple will create new markets, researchers will now have everything on the one device. Their research articles, access to Google and all this while they are out in the field. Everything we will be able to happen quicker and in style.

I am keen to keep my eyes on the iTablet and see how it changes traditional business models and turns them on their heads by making another piece of technology convenient and fun to use, but still a mean piece of business kit.

Let’s get Smoving!

Here is a great little Smovie (yes that’s right) to get you and your team motivated.

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